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At BLACKLIGHT, we're not just investigators - we're trusted advisors who guide clients through challenging situations. Our expert consultants don't just find facts, we help you understand their implications and chart a path forward.

Whether you're facing fraud, IP theft, data breaches, or other threats, we know you want answers. What happened? Who's responsible? Are we at risk? We collaborate closely to develop an investigative strategy tailored to your needs.


With strategic thinking and adaptable methods, our team moves swiftly and effectively to uncover the truth. We dig deep to recover losses and mitigate risks, so you can resolve inquiries, address crises, and protect your interests.


BLACKLIGHT serves leading global businesses, boards, law firms, banks, retailers, educational institutions, and non-profits. We often support clients cooperating with government agencies, maintaining transparency every step of the way.


Our senior professionals have guided complex investigations across many areas:

  • Legal and regulatory violations

  • Auditor independence issues

  • Cyber breaches and data theft

  • Financial misconduct

  • Discrimination and civil rights issues

  • Vendor fraud

  • Undisclosed relationships

  • Accounting irregularities

  • Money laundering

  • Counterfeiting and piracy


At BLACKLIGHT, we see investigations as an avenue to clarity, resolution and change. Our goal is building trusted partnerships that position you for success. Contact us to learn how our consultative approach can help you navigate challenges and plan more confidently for the future.

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