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'black-light': to see what is unseen. We replace uncertainty with certainty. Find out how by exploring the actions we take to help you or your industry stay profitable and safe from loss.

At BLACKLIGHT our mission is to solve problems, protect your assets, protect your reputation, and deliver results. BLACKLIGHT's proven track record of results will assist you in managing what you can’t see. Our professional, experienced, and responsive investigations and security team will customize a plan to the results you need.

For over 25 years, BLACKLIGHT’s corporate and private investigative experience has produced effective and impactful results.  Technically creative investigations management is the cornerstone of our business.


BLACKLIGHT enables employers to strategically maneuver through the risks resulting from asset protection, employee theft, fraud, and general misconduct.  This includes crimes against the business, cyber security, internet smearing, workplace violence, and other challenges that are encountered in today’s difficult business environment.