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BLACKLIGHT is a leader in conceiving effective fact-finding strategies, deploying expert investigative resources and applying traditional and forensic analysis in order to uncover fraud, identify perpetrators and bring closure through legal channels or restitution. The initial appearance of corporate fraud, fraudulent activity, and the allegations of fraud warrant the immediate attention and the preservation of potential evidence for use in any future inquiry.  


Law firm advisor's know that these situations can worsen if not addressed immediately. Whether the allegations resulted from direct observation, an anonymous employee tip or information provided by a client, contractor or third party, company policy will often necessitate undertaking an internal fraud investigation to discover facts.

Wherever corporate or financial fraud is suspected, regardless of jurisdiction, companies hire BLACKLIGHT to investigate the circumstances surrounding questionable activity. Using effective fact-finding strategies in our fraud investigations that may include interviews of employees, identification of non-employee witnesses, the location, retrieval and analysis of critical documents and data, and an effective risk mitigation strategy, we investigate representative fraudulent activity such as:


  • Identity Theft

  • Credit Fraud

  • Unexplained inventory loss

  • Fraudulent vendor invoices

  • Employee misconduct

  • Product diversion

  • Theft of product and inventory

  • Mismanagement and theft of intellectual property

  • Supply Chain Theft

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Inquiries

  • Organized Fraud Operations

Many of these frauds are not constrained by geographic boundaries and involve increasingly crafty cyber subterfuge, often requiring global resources. We have the bandwidth and the expertise to undertake these fraud investigations whether at a headquarters office or across the globe in a distant facility.

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